The Psalms of David

An interesting and appropriate double meaning of a title. For starters, a great deal of the psalms were written by King David, but also Solomon, Asaph, the Sons of Korah, as well as many that are at present anonymous, but here is where I share what each of them, regardless of author, has spoken to me personally. So whoever wrote them originally, these are my psalms.
I was maybe nine years old and had just had a bad dream. I don’t remember the dream, but I remember I was having a hard time getting my mind calmed back down so I could sleep. I remembered that we had the King James Bible on cassette tape in a closet somewhere. I went and opened it up and found the cassette that started the Book of Psalms. Armed with the cassette, a tape player, and an extension cord I returned to my room, plugged stuff in and hit play. Somehow in my nine year old brain, I knew, this would calm me. “A” it was the Bible, “B” it was poetry, and “C” the voice of the man reading it was very soothing. I won’t say it was the best sleep I ever had, but I slept. It became a regular habit for several years. I would get ready for bed, start the tape, and close my eyes listening to a different tape each night until I fell asleep. I eventually would make it all the way through the Bible. . . a few times, but it started with a bad dream and the Book of Psalms. Ever since then, when I felt anxious, or stressed, the fastest way out was reading a Psalm or listening to a song either inspired by, or just taken word for word from a Psalm.
Fast forward a decade or three and here I am writing and publishing an online commentary on what has become my favorite part of the Bible. What was my goal? Initially I just wanted to get these various thoughts and insights out of my head and onto a screen so I could interact with them. Then I thought maybe what I saw could help someone else, and maybe what the Holy Spirit had shown to someone else might help me too. It was these thoughts playing off each other that led to this. A community of journalers where people would read the Word, write what their take away was in a public forum and then discuss the different ways the Living Word was speaking to them personally. What verse or phrase leapt out at them? Experienced scholars, new believers, and curious truth-seekers all joining the conversation and taking turns being both student and teacher. The Book of Psalms is the world’s oldest blog. It’s about time someone openned up the comment section.